The Intelligence of the Heart: Tapping Into Your Soulful Truth for Business Success with Ann Marie McKenzie

#numerology #spaleadership #spiritual business Mar 22, 2024

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Step into the world of Conscious Leadership with our special guest, Ann Marie McKenzie! Join us as we explore the magic of integrating spirituality and numerology into your entrepreneurial path. Once you know about this style of running your business (in fact, you may already be doing this but didn’t know the term!), our hope is that you’ll feel inspired to align your values with your practices and embrace conscious leadership like never before!


What is Heart Conscious Leadership? 

Ann Marie McKenzie, a renowned soulful business strategist, brings a fresh and intuitive approach to Conscious Leadership, intertwining numerology and spirituality into her business methodology. With a rich background in heart and emotional intelligence, Ann Marie is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to align their personal values with their business practices, fostering a significant impact within their industries. Her unique expertise centers on cultivating heart consciousness in leadership, emphasizing intentionality, purpose, and authenticity in professional endeavors. Recognized for her ability to seamlessly integrate heart intelligence into strategic business development, Ann Marie is a trusted guide for entrepreneurs navigating the journey toward aligning their values with their business practices.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how Heart Conscious Leadership can transform your business approach and create a positive impact on your team and customers.
  • Unlock the power of integrating Numerology into your business strategy to gain a deeper understanding of your business's purpose and direction.
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence to drive business success and improve your relationships with employees & clients.
  • Explore how Conscious Business Leadership can help you create a lasting impact and make a difference in your industry and community.


Enhancing Emotional Intelligence for Business

During our chat with Ann Marie McKenzie, we delved deep into the significance of emotional intelligence in the world of entrepreneurship. We learned that emotional intelligence isn't just about understanding and managing our own feelings, but also about navigating the emotions of others, paving the way for more enriching and sustainable business relationships.


In fact, Ann Marie stressed how crucial emotional intelligence is for heart-conscious leadership. By fostering high emotional intelligence, leaders can create an atmosphere where human connection and emotional wellness are valued above all else. It's all about building a business environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.


“Everything is energy. And energetics matters because we are always emitting a vibration or a frequency. And that vibration or a frequency dictates what we attract into our world.” - Ann Marie McKenzie


The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Join the Conscious Business Collective: Connect with Ann Marie McKenzie and other like-minded entrepreneurs in the Conscious Business Collective. This monthly gathering focuses on aligning with the energy of the universe and building strategies to support your life and business. Visit Ann Marie's website to sign up and become a part of this empowering community.

Explore Conscious Business Immersion: If you're looking for a more personalized experience, consider the Conscious Business Immersion program. This offering provides both group and one-on-one support for soulful entrepreneurs. Dive into building strong foundational pieces for your business and accessing the intelligence of your heart to align with your values and goals.

Connect with Ann Marie: Visit Ann Marie McKenzie's website to explore her Numerology services, learn more about her approach to conscious business, and connect with her directly. Whether you're interested in numerology, heart-conscious leadership, or building a soulful strategy for your business, you'll find valuable resources and opportunities to engage with Ann Marie.

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