March 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

March 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

#numerology Mar 03, 2024



This year, March is a universal 2 energy month - meaning, the spirit of connection, collaboration, balance & intuition is potent for everyone. But it's not just about numbers and energy and feelings; it's about using a cooperative spirit and your intuition as a business strategy. Today I’m sharing the March Numerology Business Forecast on this episode of the Spa Business Mastery Podcast to help you prepare & take action on the upcoming opportunities & challenges for your leadership, client care, sales and team growth.


In this episode, you will be able to: 

  • Discover the impact of March’s energetic code can have on your spa sales success and growth.
  • Harness the high vibrations of the number 2 to pull in aligned partnerships (your Ideal Clients & dream team are your partners!)
  • Recognize and address the low vibrations that might be sabotaging your spa business leadership & growth.
  • Gain insight into the energy forecast for businesses and how it can influence your strategic decisions.
  • Learn how to effectively leverage intuition in sales conversations for improved client relationships and business growth.

“We can use our intuition to pick up on our clients' needs as well, without having to compromise our sales conversations and our sales opportunities.”


Podcast Timestamps: 

 00:00:00 - Introduction to the March 2024 Forecast 

00:02:10 - What a manifestation cycle and number amplification mean in business strategy

00:04:42 - Recognizing the high vibration of the 2 energy and how it shows up in your life & spa business.

00:09:48 - Recognizing the low vibration of the 2 energy and what it’s telling you. 

00:17:18 - Why the highly collaborative energy of 2 requires aligned partnerships to anchor your business confidence.  

00:19:25 - How collaborative energy works/doesn’t work with delegating vs. abdicating leadership responsibilities.

00:23:11 - Mark your calendars for 3 sets of “Spa CEO Power Days”; amplified portals of connection & creativity for spa sales and marketing ideas. 

00:31:56 - The March Energy Sales Tip 

00:35:07 - Action steps with your clients and spa team to help them feel like aligned partners AND provide everyone the opportunity to build trust & abundance. 

00:37:01 - Trusting Intuition to create comfortable spa sales conversations, whether they buy now or later.

00:38:35 - How to tap into your spa business intuition for spa business strategy.  

Download the March Business Energetic Guide to Boost Growth Strategies

This month, I’ve created a 1-page guide to help you optimize the 2 energy for amplified client connections, team heart and personal fulfillment for being able to serve your community at your highest level. I invite you to use this resource as a tool for being intentional with your spa goals and taking action in a way that comes from your heart AND builds your financial growth.

Email me at [email protected] for your copy!



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